Vehicle Requirements

What kind of car do I need?

To be an Uber partner, there are certain requirements for the car you need. These requirements vary depending on the market / city you’ll be driving in. The general requirements for Uber X are 4 doors and 5 seatbelts (including the driver’s). For Uber XL, 4 doors and 7 seatbelts are required. How new your car needs to be depends on the market. In some cities, a 2001 car will qualify. In others, you’ll need a 2006 or newer.

Uber offers other levels of service including Uber Plus, Uber Select, Black, SUV, Lux, with very specific requirements in terms of make, model and year. At one time, there were even supercars like Lamborghinis available through the app in Singapore!

To find the specific requirements for your area, please check or contact your local Uber support team.