Can My Friend Or Spouse Be In The Car With Me While I Drive?

This is a pretty common question. Lots of new drivers feel uneasy hitting the streets alone at first and would love to have some company along for the ride.

Unfortunately, this is strictly against the rules for 2 reasons: 1. Only the driver has gone through a background check. Uber cannot allow passengers in the car with another party who has not undergone a background check and could potentially cause harm to those passengers. 2. All of the seats and seatbelts may be required for your next ride.

For example, if you’re driving Uber X and you have a friend in the car, that means there’s one less seat available. The full capacity of the car needs to be available for every single ride. Uber takes this issue very seriously and will deactivate drivers who have a 3rd party in the car. So don’t do it.

If you don’t feel comfortable driving along, don’t drive at all. Remember that every trip is tracked and linked to a rider account, PLUS there is no cash exchanged, so overall, the risk to the driver is minimized in this regard.