New Uber & Lyft Driver Advice | Interview With Kon From RideShare Tips! 🆕 🚗 📱

Today I’m interviewing Kon, a driver in Los Angeles, about his experiences driving for Uber and Lyft and his advice for new drivers. Hope you enjoy it! 😃
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Kon’s Channel RideShare Tips:

Kon’s GrubHub Ride Along & Earnings Info!!

Kon’s Interview With ME About GrubHub, DoorDash & Food Delivery:

Some topics we cover:
1:39 Welcome to Kon from RideShare Tips
2:15 When did you become a driver? And why?
3:44 Challenges as a new driver
4:42 How did you learn & strategize at first?
5:30 Driving late at night
7:49 How do you locate your passenger?
9:08 Interacting with other drivers
10:34 Uber or Lyft, which do you prefer?
11:15 My worst ride!
15:15 Cancelling a ride going too far away
15:58 When passengers cancel mid-trip
17:48 How does upfront pricing work?
18:39 What are some strategies you use?
20:08 What about ratings?
22:27 How do you welcome passengers?
25:24 What about tips?
26:55 What advice do you have for drivers?
28:44 Driving for multiple apps


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