UBER Hertz Rental Car, How Much I Earned In A Week And Month

Check out this video to see how much I earned while renting from Hertz and driving with Uber. I also provide info on rental car programs and some tips!
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UBER SIGNUP LINK: http://driveuber.com/drivenow
(Direct signup link: http://ubr.to/1Ky8AwC)

My earnings spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/2gxWJ80

100% Free Stride Drive Mileage & Expense Tracking App (aff): https://stride.app.link/VUfYzhrs4w

Uber Hertz program details: https://www.hertz.com/rentacar/misc/index.jsp?targetPage=UberFAQs.jsp

Uber Hertz cities and reservations:

0:01 Welcome & Intro To Hertz Uber Rental Program
3:14 My Earnings – Uber Driver App
7:13 Earnings Spreadsheet
9:36 Reasons To Rent
10:44 Tips & Info Before You Rent
14:47 Contact Info & New Driver Signup Info

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