REMINDER: Expiration Of Opt-Out Period For Uber Arbitration Provision

Please note: I do not work for Uber Technologies, Inc. I’m a driver and an independent contractor. The site is maintained as an educational resource for the rideshare community.

Uber introduced a new contract for drivers on December 10th, 2015.  This contract included a new arbitration provision. As a driver myself, I feel it’s in my best interest to opt out of this provision. I think it’s the best way to protect myself and my interests going forward.

The contract was introduced on December 10th, 2015 and allows drivers 30 days from agreeing to the contract (in the Uber driver app) to opt out. This 30-day period is expiring NOW for most drivers so it’s important to take action now if you’d like to opt out.

By opting out, you are protecting yourself legally going forward. If you choose NOT to opt out, you’ll be waiving your right to participate in any class action lawsuit against Uber in the future or even a small claims case. Any disagreement would have to be settled individually before a third-party arbitrator. This type of arbitration is often used by large corporations to steer things in their favor. I advise all drivers to OPT OUT by emailing Uber immediately.

All you have to do to opt out is:
1. Compose an email to
2. In the email, state your name and your intent to opt out of the arbitration provision.

I recommend following a form like the letter found here on UberPeople, which I posted my edit of below. Please don’t take this post as a substitute for legal advice. This is just what I’m doing as a driver.

Another great resource which explains the opt out provision is Harry’s post over at The Rideshare Guy.

If you’d like to learn more about the class action lawsuit against Uber, please visit

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out on Facebook.

Opt out email:

Send the message from the email address associated with your Uber driver account.

By CC’ing yourself, you are retaining an additional record of the message being sent through mail servers. It’s also a good idea to print a copy of the message after sending and keep for your records.

Here’s a sample opt out letter:

CC: (Your email address)

Subject: Opting Out of Binding Arbitration Provision

Date: (Today’s Date)

I, (Your Name), hereby notify Uber & Rasier LLC of my intent to Opt-out of The Binding Arbitration Provision of Rasier Technologies Services Agreement.I have from here onwards elected to Opt Out of the Binding Arbitration Provision of the Partner Agreement.

Your Name
Your Phone Number (The number associated with your Uber driver account)
Your Postal Address (Optional)


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